Men’s Guide to Morning Sickness

You feel helpless when you hear her in the bathroom. You offer water or crackers, but you’d like to offer her relief. But you also smile because it’s normal. It’s part of the process.

Kelci’s battling morning sickness right now. In fact, she literally is battling right now. But I wanted to offer some coping mechanisms for the guys out there. Let’s face it. Puking, dry heaving, wretching etc… isn’t pretty. But apparently it comes with the territory.

What is morning sickness?

According to the Mayo Clinic, morning sickness can occur any time of the day and is generally attributed to “… rapidly rising levels of estrogen, which causes the stomach to empty more slowly. Pregnant women also have a heightened sense of smell, so various odors — such as foods cooking, perfume or cigarette smoke — may cause waves of nausea in early pregnancy.”

This seems to be just one of the many joys that comes with the massive amount of hormones coursing through her body…

What can I do about it?

Hold her hair and tell her she’s beautiful. Really. I find myself smiling each time because it means she’s normal. She’s pregnant. But I also know she’s miserable, so I want to help her.

Keep some crackers around. They help absorb the stomach bile and also get something back into the stomach after it’s been emptied.

Keep her hydrated. You lose a lot of fluid when you puke. She needs to keep hydrated so she doesn’t cramp, keeps her core temperature down and helps ease the early pregnancy fatigue. I’ve found that ginger beer is also good, since it ginger is a natural anti-nausea relief.

Keep her happy. Her back and tummy hurt from puking, so give them a rub. Make sure you have water and maybe a toothbrush at the ready. Tell her she’s beautiful, even when she’s turned an odd shade of green.

Keep your distance. Sometimes she just wants to be sick. Be aware of when she’s ready for you to leave her alone and be aware of when you should be by her side.

So, there you have it. Be patient with her. She probably doesn’t know what the hell’s happening either.

Welcome friends and family

Our friends and family are an important part of our lives. But sometimes we lose touch and drift apart. This year, we sent out an end of year letter a little late because we were waiting to confirm our big news and it included a link to this site.

So, welcome friends and family to our adventure. The past couple of weeks have been, without a doubt, insane. So much change in our life and it’s going to keep changing. Basically this blog is our way of sharing everything with you guys.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you are :)

If you want to read our letter, which is written in the voice of our Pug puppy, just follow the link to read more. (more…)

Taking care of business

Having a baby is hard. Having a baby is fun. And having a baby is expensive. So, I just wanted to post publicly that this site will use affiliate links from time to time.

So, what’s an affiliate link? It’s basically a link to a product and if you buy that product, we’ll earn a small percentage of the purchase price. Pretty simple concept right?

Purchasing things like books, toys, foods and even supplies are hard decisions to make. I’m hoping that by providing our opinions of these things, we’ll be able to help each other.

If a product sucks, we simply won’t link to it. If you see that we’ve linked to a product or service, then it’s safe to assume we like it.

For example, I’m currently reading two books. Dad’s Pregnant Too and another called “What to Expect Now That Your Wife is Expanding.”

See what I did there? I’m really enjoying the Dad’s Pregnant Too book. A nice mix of humor and facts. Plus it takes on some of the harder topics such as flatulence, pregnant boobs and what food to keep in the night stand. Good stuff.

PMS on steroids

I had my first inexplicable crying episode last night. My pug, Chubbs, wouldn’t let me pet him. All he wanted to do was play and all I wanted to do was cuddle with him. Therefore, I proceeded to bawl about how my puppy doesn’t love me anymore. He came up to me and started licking my face, which made me cry harder. I feel like i have PMS on steriods.

Cravings and Aversions

I’ve only had two weird cravings so far: Cantaloupe and mustard (but not to be eaten together). Baby Berto knows what he/she wants. I was reading in my pregnancy books that cantaloupe is high in most of the vitamins that babies need during pregnancy. It’s awesome that Baby is telling me what it wants. Mustard, however, has no explanation. I don’t think it really needs one:)

I haven’t had any aversions to food yet, except the usual: fungus and mold (ie Bleu Cheese and Mushrooms). I just hope I don’t start to hate ice cream or peanut butter, that would be terrible!