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Having a baby is hard. Having a baby is fun. And having a baby is expensive. So, I just wanted to post publicly that this site will use affiliate links from time to time.

So, what’s an affiliate link? It’s basically a link to a product and if you buy that product, we’ll earn a small percentage of the purchase price. Pretty simple concept right?

Purchasing things like books, toys, foods and even supplies are hard decisions to make. I’m hoping that by providing our opinions of these things, we’ll be able to help each other.

If a product sucks, we simply won’t link to it. If you see that we’ve linked to a product or service, then it’s safe to assume we like it.

For example, I’m currently reading two books. Dad’s Pregnant Too and another called “What to Expect Now That Your Wife is Expanding.”

See what I did there? I’m really enjoying the Dad’s Pregnant Too book. A nice mix of humor and facts. Plus it takes on some of the harder topics such as flatulence, pregnant boobs and what food to keep in the night stand. Good stuff.

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