Wanted: Mommy-Mobile

I think it’s finally time to move on from the poor college student car to an official mommy-mobile.  The question is how to be a car fashionable mom without being a soccer-mom. The minivan is too soccer-mom, the wagon is too hippie-mom. The “crossover”  vehicles are in between the two, but there is also the small SUV. Here’s my list of mommy-mobiles I’ve narrowed it down to, please help me find the perfect one or even something I should add to the list!

Ford Edge

GMC Terrain

Dodge Nitro

Nissan Rogue

Lexus RX

Acura RDX

The Magic Pill

Reglan has been my savior during the early stages of my pregnancy. I am actually beginning to feel normal after weeks of nausea, puking, and “post-puke euphoria.” As a result, I am now suffering ONLY from the traditional morning sickness, as opposed to early-morning, morning, mid-morning, late-morning, noon, afternoon, mid-afternoon, late-afternoon, early-evening, evening, late-evening, and nighttime sickness.  You may even hear more from me on these blog posts now that I’m not afraid to puke all over the computer…

I feel like I can smile again, knowing there isn’t a dry-heave to follow my every attempt to be joyous about this remarkable time in our lives. Reglan has saved my enthusiasm and reminded me why we got ourselves into this mess to begin with. We have created a human life to love and to nuture, and to hopefully become a  pro-athlete so we can retire early:)

The good and the bad

Disclaimer: This is a personal post. Everything’s totally fine with Kelci :)

I live my life (for better or for worse) out in the public. I’m on Twitter. I have multiple blogs and I’m around an amazing amount of people. So, it was with much trepidation and caution that I brought up to Kelci about how much we should publicize.

I had been reading that it’s “traditional” to not announce a pregnancy until after the first trimester. There’s lower risk of miscarriage and the parents seem to have their act a bit more together. So we talked about what it means to have a blog. And a Twitter. And other stuff for the baby. We talked about what it means to have something this personal out in the open.

We talked about the what ifs…

A side note

You see, I’ve been through the what ifs. I’ve been through the hard parts. When I was young, my mom was to have her third child. A sibling. In those days, it wasn’t common to find out the gender. None of us were prepared for it. None of us were expecting it. I wasn’t expecting to come home from elementary school to find my grandma waiting for me and tell me.

“The baby’s gone.”

At the time, I knew it was sad. I knew it was difficult. I knew that it meant sorrow. But I am just now realizing that I didn’t know. Now that Kelci’s pregnant, I truly know.

The good and the bad

So, with the good comes the bad. We’re going to be sharing what we like. We’re going to be sharing more about puking, more about crying (yeah, I cried when I found out, so what?) and more good. But… I’m not going to say it.

Somebody asked me the other day about what to call their child’s twitter account. I’m hoping they read this before they do it…

But when you put your business online, you need to be ready to put the good and the bad out there. And that’s what Kelci and I discussed. And we’ve decided that we know what we’re getting into. So, with this comes the good and the bad. Thanks for coming along.

Post-puke euphoria

No, really, those words actually came out of Kelci’s mouth, along with a bunch of other stuff. You see, morning sickness can totally suckit.

In my last post, I was all touchy-feely about it. But now? Now morning sickness can suckit.

We’ve called in the big guns to help her out, so let’s hope they work.

When Kelci does lose her lunch (or breakfast or snack), she experiences what she calls a “post-puke euphoria.” It’s a period of time where she feels normal and feels like she has an appetite. But it’s hard to capitalize on this time because she has no appetite or desire to eat.

Life is full of those periods of time where you feel normal and euphoric. What causes your moments of “post-puke euphoria?”