The Name Game

Now that we know it’s a girl, what the heck do we name her? I’ve read my baby name book cover to cover, which contains over 100,000 names, and we still can’t agree on what to call our baby girl!

We need suggestions! What are your favorite names?

Itchy trigger finger

Kelci and I recently registered for about 6,409 baby items. Strollers, cribs, butt balm and the like. It really was a lot of fun.But I learned a valuable lesson as we roamed the acres of products.

I learned that the real work hasn’t even come close to starting. But we also learned what were important and what items were just for fun. So, here’s our list of items that we think will be irreplaceable:

  1. The Pack & Play: Having a portable place for the baby to hang out in and entertain itself in will be priceless. Plus, the one we picked out is taller than the changer we selected, so that’s a bonus for me.
  2. The stroller & car-seat combo: Collectively known as the travel system, this combo will keep our little girl mobile for a few years before we need to find something bigger.
  3. The bedding: This sets the theme for the nursery and all the other accessories. We wanted something girly, but not terribly girly. I like the circles and patterns that seem to be in line with modern Web design also.
  4. The Seahawks Seagal outfit: What can I say, we love the Seahawks.
  5. A book called “The Birth Partner“: This book doesn’t cut any corners. I’m only about 1/3rd of the way through it, but I’m impressed. One of the best birth partner-focused books I’ve seen to date.

These were the five key things that we’ve found so far. But what I want to know is what are your must haves? What is your go-to baby shower gift that we can’t live without? And, while we’re at it, what are your recommendations for a nursery monitor? And no, a live-stream is not an option (it’s not!)

It’s a…

I’ll tell you, ultrasounds are really, really cool. Seeing the little kid squirming around and seeing arms, legs, ears and…

It's a girl

And little girl parts!!! That’s right, Kelci and I are having a:


The ultrasound tech was very sure of this as well, so we’re going to run with it.

We’re excited to begin the next phase of getting ready for Baby Girl Berto. Things such as buying pink Seahawks clothes or princess-themed bedding. Now, what to name her…

Playing the guessing game

Let’s have some fun. We’re scheduled for our next ultrasound on March 18. We should be able to find out if we’re having a Baby Boy Berto or Baby Girl Berto. I’ll tell you, I am pulling for a boy. For a number of reasons really, which I’ll probably get into if it ends up being a girl.

But for now, let’s have fun. Post in the comments what you think we’re having. I’ll pick somebody from the winning “team” and give them a prize.

Time to play the guessing game :)

How to buy maternity clothes

We recently bought Kelci some maternity clothes. This was a different kind of shopping though. This was special.

You see, when a guy typically is brought shopping with his wife, he stands there. Holding a purse if he’s unlucky. And then he stands there. Telling her she’s beautiful (and telling the truth) and sometimes sneaking in that really low cut shirt in the hopes that maybe she likes it.

But there we stood, in Motherhood Maternity looking at pants with no zippers and shirts with extra material… It was fun. I enjoyed it.

What the hell’s wrong with me?

So here’s how to buy maternity clothes:

  • Smile. A lot. She’s probably tired, hot and completely over it. Before you even leave the house. If you’re happy, it will at least help her be happy.
  • Hold her stuff. Because a barf bag, a purse, six pairs of jeans, a sweat shirt and whatever else she has can get heavy.
  • Tell her she’s hot. And mean it.
  • Hand over the credit card. It will hurt less than her being pissed.

So, the journey continues. On to the next step… What are your next steps? How do you support the ones you love?