Some assembly required

I’m beginning to think that being a dad is less about teaching your child how to eat or how to dress for a date and more about how to fix things. And after spending the weekend assembling shiny new baby furniture, my best parenting advice: Get a good cordless drill.

I’ve never been too handy and I have a hard time with the details such as measuring, hammering a nail in straight and coloring in the lines. So this new role of Mr. Fix it is new to me. I’m learning.

Girls are scary

We’re having a girl. In about five months, Kelci and I will have a little baby girl. And that scares the living hell out of me.

I’m afraid of boys. I’m afraid of periods and training bras and malls and most things girly. But that’s normal I suppose. I’m afraid about how she’ll grow up. You see, I’m not what you call normal. I’m 6’8 and decidedly not thin.

I’m afraid that I’m bringing a daughter into a world of skinny models, skinny jeans and skinny latt├ęs.

I guess I’m just a big softy and over protective, but that’s just who I am. So I’m scared. I’ve already started to hear the comments about maybe she’ll be in the WNBA or maybe she’ll play for the Seahawks and while it doesn’t “bother” me, it makes me thing about how I’m going to talk to her once she’s asking me why the kids at school are calling her names.

This is a lesson I need to learn I guess. What should I say to a daughter that asks those questions?