100 days and counting

On our night stand, we have a little clock that tells is counting down to our due date. This morning when I woke up, it read 100. We have 100 (maybe more, maybe less) to prepare for our little girl’s arrival.

Ready or not, here she comes.

Getting ready for baby

I have thought about so many different scenarios and made so many different plans that they’re essentially all useless. This point was hammered home yesterday when Kelci asked me, “What happens if I go into labor at work?”

Yeah, good question. My hope is that she’ll be at home, with her feet up and puppy in hand, getting herself ready for motherhood. But we can’t fully plan that, can we?

We’ve begun the nesting process, building furniture and prepping to have an infant in our home. Our child in her new home. We’ve built a new roof to keep her dry. We’re building a new lawn for her and her future friends and cousins to play in. We’re talking about buying a new car to keep her safe on our new adventures.

Soon, we begin a 7-week course on getting ready for baby. But at this point, I’m as ready as we can be.

Parenting ain’t easy

I talked to my mom yesterday (she actually called me to talk to Kelci she said…) and shared stories about some seemingly random memories. But that collection of memories that makes up my youth and now my adulthood, has shown me how much I have to learn. Luckily I’ve had several good teachers over my life to show me how to do things.

This is a challenge I’m ready for. And maybe my insistence of such here on this blog is my way of reassuring myself. I guess I’ll find out in 100 days.

Ready or not, here she comes.

How’s the baby?

In a word: Growing.

People have been asking how the baby is and I realized it’s been a few weeks. So, here’s the update:

We just crossed 25 weeks. According to the Internet (because I really have no clue, lol), she’s about 13.5 inches long. And judging by the amount of food Kelci is able to eat at a time, that seems right.

We’ve signed up for classes and soon I’ll be watching birth videos and learning about breast feeding. It’s amazing the amount of stuff we don’t know! But that’s part of the fun of all this.

Kelci has been experiencing all the joys of pregnancy full force. Luckily, the morning sickness has tapered off big time. Only once in the last two weeks, which is huge. She gets short of breath just walking around and has to get up about three times per night. All of which I find irresistibly cute.

So, there’s the update. All is good and I can’t wait for her to get here.