It’s the great pumpkin Kylah Makana

Kelci and I recently conquered the new parent rite of passage known as the pumpkin patch. While Kylah wasn’t quite old enough for the hay rides, we managed to show her a few new sights and sounds. (more…)

Grasping for knowledge

Kylah is changing right before our eyes. She can almost hold her head up full time.

And tonight brought her grasping for a toy for the first time ever. She even shook it and reacted to the sound.

She does really well on her tummy but loves to explore her hands and legs while on her back. She continues to explore the world around her. Teaching her how to make noises or how to hold her head up is the fun part of parenting. It definitely makes up for the dirty diapers 😉

Kylah has a whole new meaning

All of the definitions we had previously read for “Kylah” involved the feminine form of “Kyle,” meaning “from the narrow channel.”

Eric and I went to Issaquah Salmon Days over the weekend and purchased a frame for Kylah with spots for pictures of her first 12 months. Here’s the description of Kylah’s meaning from her new picture frame:

Origin: Irish
Meaning: Lovely

she gives freely to anyone in need
her smile can brighten any day
takes time to reflect and improve her life
pleasing her family is her primary goal
Kylah believes in mankind’s goodness
she’s admired for her inventive ideas
she enjoys journeys to far away places
she’s industrious and hard-working