Kylah’s first Seahawks game

Kelci and I are huge Seahawks fans. We don’t hide that fact, that’s for sure.

So, when a perfect storm of no baby sitter and decent weather (at least by Seattle in November standards) came together, we bundled her up, strapped on her pink earmuffs and headed for the game.

Sure the Seahawks got their butts handed to them, but we all had fun.

Infant travelling to a football game

Kelci keeping Kylah warm as we get ready to board the Sounder train to Qwest Field.

Kelci and Kylah getting settled into their seats.


Mommy kept Kylah warm. And yes, those are socks on her hands. We don't have baby mittens.


Little pink headphones keep her ears happy.

Infant on a train after a football game.

Kylah didn't let the butt kicking the Seahawks just suffered ruin her train ride home.

Playing in the snow

While most of the Seattle area slip slides into anarchy and chaos, we took advantage of the sunny, yet really cold, weather to introduce Kylah to the snow.

infant playing in the snow

Kylah and Chubbs The Pug check out the snow.

infant playing in the snow

Kylah stayed nice and bundled up for the 87 seconds we had her out side.

pug in the snow

Chubbs seemed to only want to eat it. Didn't eat any yellow snow though.

Setting a schedule with an infant

Eleven weeks. Hard to believe Kylah’s 11 weeks old already, but it’s true. Something else that’s held true is what all of the books say: The schedule is key.

So, how did we set a schedule with Kylah? We didn’t. We’ve embraced hers. We know that during the day she’ll nap for a short while, then she’ll wake up hungry. Then she’ll pee. Then she’ll play for a while. Then she naps for a while and the cycle repeats itself. We’ve learned to embrace her natural schedule in order to keep her happy.

We were reading the book What to Expect the First Year (affiliate link) and it said that there’s two extremes, the “Schedule every 15 minutes” or the “eh, whatever. She’ll tell us when she’s hungry.” We have tried to stay in the middle of that road.

Know her cues

Knowing your baby’s cues are super important when trying to establish a schedule. When Kylah has a dirty diaper, she’ll kick her legs. When she’s hungry, she’ll try to eat her hands. When she’s tired, she’ll scream and not cry.

By knowing her cues, we are able to keep up with her schedule and make sure we’re keeping her happy. The hard thing about waiting until she cries is that she’s crying. And trying to keep a super-rigid schedule is just as hard on the parents.

Make her happy

We make sure we have different ways of playing with her while she’s awake. We’ve also learned what makes her happy when something random is pissing her off or the quickest way to put her to sleep. This was hammered home last night when Kylah spent her first night in her big-girl crib.

We had her ready to go to bed around 9:30 so we figured: Tonight’s the night. And it was. We put her down and within a few moments she was sound asleep.

We win at parenting.