Happy Birthday Mommy!

I just want to say happy birthday to Kelci. The best mom. The best wife. My best friend.

OK, I don’t want to just say happy birthday. But today is her 30th birthday and I thought I’d embarrass the both of us with a little note to here on the blog.

Kelci and I have been together nearly 10 years after meeting in Hawaii during our first year of college (that’s a story for another post, but ask me and I’ll tell you). Over the last decade, we have traveled a path that has taken us through losing jobs, losing close relatives, gaining new friends, gaining a new home and now gaining our wonderful daughter.

One thing that I can count on in my life, however, is Kelci. She is there for me when I need a shoulder or when I simply need her on my shoulder. She is there for me when I am being a hyperactive ADD wild-child. She is there for me when I look down at Kylah and then give Kelci a “what the hell do I do now?” look.

There’s no point to this other than to share how extremely thankful I am to have her in my life.

As her and I have gotten older (I am definitely not maturing, so I don’t thing aging is the right word), I have become more and more thankful that I have her in my life. She has helped shape me and helped me become who I am.

When we were dating and getting more and more serious, we started to describe our relationship as a walk down an unknown path. For the most part, it is an easy, flat and straight walk that is surrounded by beauty. On occasion there is a bend in the road, or the scenery isn’t quite as gorgeous as you hoped. Our path has had curves, hills and a few trees that have fallen across it.

But we have continued to navigate it. We have guided each other down this path. We are a perfect team. And that’s why I want everybody to say with me:


Going to the bathroom

I love taking Kylah out and around when I have her for the day. We go to Starbucks or we go out to dinner. We generally just have a fun adventure.

But sometimes you just have to go to the bathroom. Not Kylah, mind you. We keep that situation pretty well contained (finding men’s rooms with changing tables is a separate post). But sometimes I have to and I have no clue how to manage that.

So, for all of my dad friends, I need your help. I need a strategy on how to go to the bathroom. As I see it, there are two options, both of which have clear disadvantages. I can either:

  • Put her on the floor while in her car seat.
  • Leave her with a stranger while I run into the restroom.

Neither seems reasonable to me though. Who has a better strategy?

The start of a new adventure

I’m putting this out into the public ether because I need your help.

The time is now. It is time for a change. It is time to get back to being more myself. I turn 30 this year, and it is time to reclaim my life. It’s time to change my life.

The journey

All my life I have been the “big kid.” It is my identity, both online and off. I’ve never been able to wear the cool style of clothes (I missed the whole “ironic T-shirt” trend. Not sure if that’s good or bad.), I always finished last in PE runs, I had to wear different shoes than my groomsmen at my wedding and I even almost got thrown off a recent flight. But I’ve embraced my size and have learned how to buy size 18 shoes and where to buy camo clothes for hunting.

But it’s always been an adjustment. There’s so much I can’t do in my life because of my size.

A new path

This was me back in 2000. It was my first year of college and right before I moved to Seattle.

Eric on a Hawaiian beach near Waikiki

Yeah, that's me on the beach in Hawaii. I was a freshman in college and got to go to class and workout/go to the beach. Glory days indeed.

I was 295 lbs then and was in the best shape of my life. That was 150 lbs ago. The path to get back to that place isn’t really clear. I do a lot that is unhealthy and the first step is cutting that out. That means no more daily trips to the drive through. No more sneaking cookies when I go grocery shopping. No more sugary coffee creamer. No more seconds.

It means more exercise and a 30-day sobriety kick.

From there it will be a lot of hiking, working in the yard and generally not being a lazy slob. It’s a new path for me. There’s tons of reasons why this is a good idea, starting with the reason behind this domain name.

The goal

The goal of all this? Well, in six months I turn 30. Six months to bust my ass and get in shape. So if I put a goal of 30 pounds out there, that seems reasonable. Five measly pounds per month. Maybe it’s not enough. I don’t know. I just know I want to hike a deer out of the woods next fall. Or, you know, climb my stairs without getting winded.

Offers to be my personal chef will be taken in the order they are submitted. And thank you for your support, expressed or implied.

1.1.11 (A Reflection on 2010)

Holiday Cheer

The holiday season was filled with joy and love with family and friends. Kylah was able to spend Christmas with close family, including her aunts: Eric’s 3 younger sisters from California, whose Christmas present was to fly up and meet their new niece! Kylah’s only Christmas present from mommy and daddy was her “1st Christmas” ornament. Many people asked me what we were getting her for Christmas, and my response was always “Diapers, of course!” Babies don’t really need anything besides love and attention. One of my coworkers told me the one thing she regretted about the way she raised her daughter: She should have spent more money on experiences and less money on “stuff,” because it’s the experiences your children have that have the most meaning. (Thanks, Tami:)


In her short life thus far, Kylah has celebrated many firsts: Her first smile, her first laugh, her first roll-over, her first plane ride, her first vacation, her first Thanksgiving, her first Christmas and now her first new year. There will be many more firsts coming soon: sitting up, eating and crawling. Before we realize it, we are going to have to baby-proof the house! It’s difficult to comprehend how much has happened in the last year. I spent a majority of 2010 pregnant (and miserable) with baby Kylah until we were blessed by her healthy arrival in August. She has been the light of our lives and the center of our world from minute one. She has changed our perspectives and our priorities. She has made me a better person.

Welcome 2011

Another day and another year. Kylah will be walking and talking by next Christmas. Mommy will be continuing her weight-loss journey and hopes to complete a half-marathon in June. Daddy will be continue to be an awesome husband and playmate to baby Kylah. Chubbs will learn to share his toys with Kylah. We are hoping to take a family vacation to Mexico, it’s time to get Kylah a passport already!

2010 in Pictures