A public thank you

I haven’t yet gotten to thank all of the friends and family for an amazing birthday. Thanks to your donations and an extra thanks to Big Al’s Brewing, Kelci and I have been able to drop off more than $300 worth of diapers, formula, baby food and clothes to the Domestic Abuse Women’s Network.

Aside from your generosity, I appreciate that I have surrounded myself with people willing to take time out of their lives to celebrate with me and contribute to this cause.

Surprisingly, turning 30 was really no big deal. I had a much harder time mentally with turning 20. Moving out of my teen years and into my 20s meant being an adult; no longer having an excuse to act my age. It was the year that I got really serious about journalism school and it was the year I was no longer a teenager.

But turning 30 was different. Kelci and I have been married for nearly six years, we’ve been in our house for almost three years. And now we have Kylah, who has already been working her way toward turning one. So, for now I concentrate on career and family and building both up in a way that brings me nothing but joy. After all, if you can’t find happiness in an action, why do it?

So thank you everybody for helping make this the best birthday in a while!

All I need

Has it really been three months since we’ve posted here? Wow. I guess time flies when you’re raising a baby. So, what’s happened since she learned how to use her jumper in the last video?

  • Teeth? Check
  • Solid food? Check
  • Pulling herself up to standing? Check
  • Crawling? Check
  • Pat-a-Cake? Check. Complete with throwing it in the pan? Check

But something else is about to happen. I’m about to turn 30. As the date nears, my family have been asking what I want. What sort of material good will make me happy? Realistically, that list is really long. But before I answer with that really expensive fishing trip or new hiking boots, I generally pause and realize:

I have everything I need.

I have a great wife, a great job, a great daughter and a great life in general. So, what I want is to help other people have a great life.

I am throwing a party this weekend, June 11 at Big Al’s Brewing, which is just south of Seattle and I want you all to join me. But I don’t want you to show up empty handed. I’ve talked it over with Kelci and run the idea by a few other people and have decided that I want to collect baby supplies and goods for a local women’s shelter. Specifically, we’re looking for:

  • Formula
  • Diapers/wipes (Size 4, 5 or 6 diapers)
  • New or next-to-new toys
  • New or next-to-new clothes

I can’t offer anything in reply, other than a hug and a thank you, but realize that the gear you’re donating will make the beer taste better, the hugs feel better and the smiles a bit brighter. So, RSVP for the party now and we look forward to seeing you!

And, since this is a blog dedicated to our adventures with our amazing daughter, here’s a few from the last couple of months: