A little too easy

Thirteen months. So far Kelci and I have been amazingly lucky/blessed/fortunate/ with Kylah.

Our adventure this week found us attempting to eliminate the pacifier from her sleep-time routine. So, we decided to go cold turkey with it and simply quit giving it to her. The first night, we were prepared for epic battle, ready for the tantrum; we were expecting the worst.

Five minutes later she was asleep.

Nights two and three have been mirror images of the first. The point of this is not (entirely) to gloat. My point is that I think a lot of our success comes from the attitude that Kelci and I have toward parenting.

Just relax

Kelci and I stress more about doing this right or wrong or making the right decisions about Kylah’s upbringing. We read our books and try to feed her well and brush her teeth and generally do good. And that enables us to relax. We know we’re making the right decision and that enables us to relax, which I think is one of the reasons that Kylah is so easy going and adaptive to change.

We’ve been transitioning her to “people” food as well. As her independent streak has grown, she’s begun eating the same stuff we eat. It’s kind of a trip to make myself scrambled eggs in the morning and have to share with her. It’s also kind of fun to give her new foods and watch her eyes get huge when she realizes that watermelon is, indeed, delicious. Just relax and it will all be OK.