Waiting for the toast

I just finished watching “The Other F Word,” a fabulous documentary about punk rockers who are now fathers. It’s an amazing example of how there’s a good person inside us all.

Punks get a bad wrap for not giving a shit. And, generally, that was pretty much true. I grew up in the 90s southern California punk scene listening to Pennywise, Lagwagon, NoFX and othe bands that make the circle pit blow up. But seeing guys like Fat Mike from NoFX talking about how to instill the values of respectful individuality was an eye-opening experience for me.

Like a lot of those guys, I come from a challenging family dynamic and one of the things that intimidated me the most about having a kid was not what kind of father I was going to be, it how I could help Kylah be the best person she can be..

Watching this movie made me realize that just being present and genuinely caring is all that matters. She wants to be a cowboy? Buy a horse. Want to be a ballerina? Daddy’ll be en pointe right with you. Being a parent is not what you tell your kids to do.

Being a parent is helping your kids be what they want to be and do what they want to do. And sometimes all you can do is wait for the toast to be done so you can bring it to her in bed (watch the movie, it’ll make sense).

Helping them achieve victories large and small is all that matters. The look on Kylah’s face when she does something like jump with both feet finally getting off the gro und is all I need to keep by her side as she finds herself and becomes her own individual.

In the epic words of Pennywise:
I say fuck authority
Silent majority
Raised by the system
Now it’s time to rise against them

Being a punk rock dad, with tattoos and a fun-loving attitude is going to suit me just fine. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that there’s no mold for her. She can go out and do what she feels is right.

So long as I agree 😉

Ups and downs

Ever since I found out that Kelci was pregnant with Kylah, Father’s Day has had a different meaning. It’s made the day a heck of a lot easier, but today is still a day that weighs pretty heavily on my heart and mind. Fortunately, I got to spend the entire day with Kylah this year. We capped the night off with a little picnic at the park.

I’m so thankful that she is in my life and gives me something to dsmile about each and every day, regardless of whatever other negative nonsense has gone on. It’s amazing the power of a hug around the neck from a toddler.

There’s so much to share over these last few months and hopefully we’ll be better about sharing her updates here. For now, here’s some photos from our Father’s Day outing in the park.
At the park

Father's day visit to the park

Took Kylah to the park for Father's Day.

At the park

At the park

At the park

At the park