Men’s Rooms Are Gross

One of the joys of potty training a toddler is getting to take them out to restrooms in public places that under normal circumstances one would take great pains to avoid.

Over the course of potty training Kylah, we’ve had several near misses including countless coffee shops, Pike Place Market and several dodgy restaurants. I have perfected the artform of dangling her over the toilet while she does her work. Side note: That’s a very awkward scenario, being eye to eye with your kid as she takes a poop while you hold her in the air.

I’ve had to readjust what I consider “disgusting” countless times as a parent. But I didn’t think it would be public restrooms that would be continuously shifting my perspective. Seriously, what is it about people that feel it is acceptable to do such things in public places? And, if it’s a restroom with multiple stalls, taking a toddler with no filter in is terrifying to me as a responsible adult, yet hilarious to my inner 13 year old. Her giggles when somebody else farts are contagious.

She’ll also call you out for not washing your hands too, so be careful.

But we had an experience the other night I didn’t expect, but also couldn’t believe hadn’t happened already. I took her into the men’s room and she decided that on this instance, she wanted nothing more than to sit in the urinal. You can’t negotiate with toddlers, nor are they renowned for their keen since of rationalization. Having to explain to her that those were not for her only upset her. So, now she’s crying, has to pee and wants to sit in the urinal.

I might let her next time.