School days

OK, so it’s only one-day-per-week preschool, but today Kelci and I faced the reality of having a toddler that is now in preschool. Today we drug Kylah out of bed and got her dressed and put on her brand-new owl backpack and took her to her first day of preschool.

We really wanted her to experience other people, other authority figures and other friends. Kelci and I are super proud of Kylah and all that she has learned and all of the skills she had (ask her to count in Spanish…) and we both felt that even though she’s only 2 1/2, preschool was a good next step. She’ll ¬†get some great lessons in structure and following direction that we think she needs too. Her usual care situation is awesome, but she doesn’t get the benefit of large-group settings.

There were tears, although I am pretty sure it was just Kylah that shed them. We’re sure they only lasted about 2 minutes, but this type of new transition is hard. New routine, new people and such can be scary, but she’s brave and adapts well to new situations, which is part of why we felt she was ready for this.

And of course there’s pictures :)