38 weeks (and one day)

We’re ready to meet her. The bags are packed. The bassinet is warm and cuddly. The rocking chair is clean and cozy. We’re ready for Sydney to arrive. I obsess over her arrival. I want everything to be comfortable for Kelci. I want to make sure Kylah is taken care of and knows that everything is OK.

I’ve been a nervous wreck as I know that any time my phone vibrates or lights up, it could be “the call.” I know that Kelci is ready for an end to the pain and nausea and discomfort. I know that Kylah is excited to meet her little sister (although she still lobbies for a little brother).

I mentioned in the last post that I wasn’t feeling very festive, but we’ve managed to find a bit of the holiday spirit. We all went and picked out a nice tree that Kylah helped decorate and loves seeing. We even welcomed George, the lady elf into our world as it keeps an eye on Kylah from wherever she lands after visiting Santa. The holiday excitement has been routinely trumped by the anticipation of Sydney’s arrival. I, personally, am afraid to venture out shopping or to plan events and gatherings because I would rather be with Kelci in the event that “now.” happens.

But, the reality is that Sydney might not arrive for another three weeks. But, we’ll be ready. We’ll have warm arms and cozy hugs waiting for her when she arrives. See you soon Sydney.

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