‘Tis the season to prep for baby

I’m not being a scrooge, but I have zero interest in putting up Christmas lights or hanging stockings from the chimney with care. There’s no mistletoe hanging or a wreath on the door. Instead we have been getting ready for the arrival of Baby Berto 2.0.

But first, it’s time for a Christmas miracle, Kelci and I have decided on a name. She is no longer Baby Berto 2.0 to us.

She is Sydney Hazel Berto.

Sydney is a name that was on our original short list, but there was much debate of returning to a classic name as her first name. Hazel was in consideration as her first name as not only did we like it, there is also family history with it. My great grandmother, Hazel Berto, was an accomplished author and lead an amazing life.

So, in just a few days, Sydney Hazel Berto will be joining our family. So instead of chasing deals on loss-leader electronics, we have spent our time buying items from our baby registry and instead of hanging Christmas lights, I have been rearranging furniture to make room for a bassinet in our bedroom. The challenge this year is to make sure that Kylah knows it is still Christmas and that Santa is still coming to see her, regardless of when Sydney arrives.

I think that after this weekend’s preparations and watching as Kelci’s tummy quivers with Sydney’s near-constant movements, I am 100% ready for her to be here. I am ready for tiny fingers around my pinky and the warm snuggles with soft peach fuzz on the top of her head. And puke and 2am feedings as well. OK, maybe I’m not as ready for that.

See you soon Sydney. We are ready to meet you. I’m just sorry that there won’t be any Christmas lights greeting your arrival.

  • Warren Brandle

    Here’s a toast to the four of you! Hoping for a safe delivery and a healthy and happy baby. Love you guys, Warren and Suzie.

  • debbieberto

    Who needs Christmas lights when the birth of a new baby lights up the world?!

    And no manger for Sydney… a warm bassinet awaits! Auntie Debbie can’t wait to hold her!

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