Nine years of awesome

This has been quite the year for Kelci and me. This time last year, Kelci was battling through morning sickness as we anxiously awaited Baby Berto 2.0. But today is different. today is a sunshine-filled day that welcomes in our ninth anniversary.

This year we wake up with two amazing kids, a life that we are both proud of and the ability to still make each other smile. We welcomed our second amazing daughter into our home. We witnessed Seattle history. We have learned the joys of being in the boat (and the costs). And we have continued to learn what being a spouse a partner and a teammate means.

The world was incredibly different for us in 2005. We didn’t have a house, our careers were kind of all over the map (I was still a reporter), kids were nowhere near our minds and spontaneity was still possible.

But I wouldn’t trade these last nine years, nor the five before that, for anything.

This has been a good year in the land of Eric and Kelci. I look forward to many more and the ability to experience the world with you as we continue down the path that we described more than a decade ago. I love you Kelci.

DSC_8882 Seahawks Super Bowl 48 winSeahawks training camp 2013 Bringing Sydney home. Tailgating fun Pumpkin patch 2013