Goodbye first trimester, hello work

We did it. We made it to week 15. The hard part’s over right?


Now, I know that’s not right, but a man can dream right? We’re almost to week 16 and I am still coming down from the high of seeing Peanut squirming around and waving on the ultrasound. and it looks like the worst of the “morning sickness” is behind us. That little trip to the ER appears to have been the last gasps of SuperHormones™ raging through. But it still lets us know who’s boss

The real work begins

As rough as these last few weeks have been with Kelci being sick and just some general frustration, it’s time to look toward the fun stuff. Deciding on a theme for the nursery (I vote a combination of hunting and Seahawks, but we’ll see), looking through the book of 100,000 Baby Names (did you know Bacon is a baby name?) and reading a ton of information.

One of the things we’ve been working on is a budget. How in the hell do people do this? Kelci and I are not poor by any means, but looking at our budget leaves not much wiggle room. Any advice on how much to expect to budget is greatly appreciated! What words of wisdom do you have about budgeting for baby? I’ll work on another post getting into some of those costs later.

The planning stages

You say August like it’s a long ways away. I say 24 weeks like it’s going to be here tomorrow. We’re both right. We still have time to plan, but I’m excited and I want it here now. I want to decorate the nursery and hold it and watch it puke and all the crazy little baby stuff we’re going to experience.

But there’s a lot of work ahead. How do we get ready? What should our priorities be? How did you plan?

Taking care of business

Having a baby is hard. Having a baby is fun. And having a baby is expensive. So, I just wanted to post publicly that this site will use affiliate links from time to time.

So, what’s an affiliate link? It’s basically a link to a product and if you buy that product, we’ll earn a small percentage of the purchase price. Pretty simple concept right?

Purchasing things like books, toys, foods and even supplies are hard decisions to make. I’m hoping that by providing our opinions of these things, we’ll be able to help each other.

If a product sucks, we simply won’t link to it. If you see that we’ve linked to a product or service, then it’s safe to assume we like it.

For example, I’m currently reading two books. Dad’s Pregnant Too and another called “What to Expect Now That Your Wife is Expanding.”

See what I did there? I’m really enjoying the Dad’s Pregnant Too book. A nice mix of humor and facts. Plus it takes on some of the harder topics such as flatulence, pregnant boobs and what food to keep in the night stand. Good stuff.