I love you bear!

I woke up one Sunday morning about 2 weeks ago and I just knew. I’ve heard about women who knew they were pregnant before peeing on a stick, butĀ  I never believed it until now. As soon as we got up that morning, I sent Eric to the store for the pee stick. Unfortunately, Safeway keeps them behind the pharmacy counter, next to the Sudafed, and the pharmacy was still closed. I was half-expecting them to request a copy of his driver’s license :)

We went Christmas shopping that day and planned to pick up a pee-stick along the way somewhere. We ended up at Costco, so I thought I’d pick up a 24-case of home pregnancy tests. Luckily, they actually had 4-packs. Thankfully, I only needed one!! When we got home, I had to pee so bad I was doing a pee-pee dance like a four-year-old, waiting for Eric to open the package.

As you can probably guess, we got two lines on the pee stick. So, in disbelief, i drank a bunch of water so i could pee again. The second one was positive too! I almost used the other two pee sticks, just to make sure. After all, we had bought a Costco size package :)

It’s hard to believe we are already six weeks along. Our Baby Berto is about the size of a peanut now, and probably even hasĀ  little buds for arms and legs (and a penis, hopefully).