It just got real

Tonight we had our last baby class. There was no gruesome video. There was no talk of C-Sections, breech presentations or low birth weights. Instead we took a tour of the birth center where in a few short weeks we’ll be welcoming Kylah into the world.

It just got real.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been learning about the birth process (I didn’t know the baby does almost a whole twist on the way out) and perfecting my swaddling technique. But the real work has been happening in my mind. I know I’ve talked about being nervous, anxious etc… and I am. But I’m also getting closer to being ready. I’m happy. Kelci is amazingly beautiful. And falling asleep while feeling her move brings me immeasurable joy.

We’re less than six weeks from our due date. This has been an amazing journey.

And it’s just beginning.

100 days and counting

On our night stand, we have a little clock that tells is counting down to our due date. This morning when I woke up, it read 100. We have 100 (maybe more, maybe less) to prepare for our little girl’s arrival.

Ready or not, here she comes.

Getting ready for baby

I have thought about so many different scenarios and made so many different plans that they’re essentially all useless. This point was hammered home yesterday when Kelci asked me, “What happens if I go into labor at work?”

Yeah, good question. My hope is that she’ll be at home, with her feet up and puppy in hand, getting herself ready for motherhood. But we can’t fully plan that, can we?

We’ve begun the nesting process, building furniture and prepping to have an infant in our home. Our child in her new home. We’ve built a new roof to keep her dry. We’re building a new lawn for her and her future friends and cousins to play in. We’re talking about buying a new car to keep her safe on our new adventures.

Soon, we begin a 7-week course on getting ready for baby. But at this point, I’m as ready as we can be.

Parenting ain’t easy

I talked to my mom yesterday (she actually called me to talk to Kelci she said…) and shared stories about some seemingly random memories. But that collection of memories that makes up my youth and now my adulthood, has shown me how much I have to learn. Luckily I’ve had several good teachers over my life to show me how to do things.

This is a challenge I’m ready for. And maybe my insistence of such here on this blog is my way of reassuring myself. I guess I’ll find out in 100 days.

Ready or not, here she comes.

Welcome friends and family

Our friends and family are an important part of our lives. But sometimes we lose touch and drift apart. This year, we sent out an end of year letter a little late because we were waiting to confirm our big news and it included a link to this site.

So, welcome friends and family to our adventure. The past couple of weeks have been, without a doubt, insane. So much change in our life and it’s going to keep changing. Basically this blog is our way of sharing everything with you guys.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you are :)

If you want to read our letter, which is written in the voice of our Pug puppy, just follow the link to read more. (more…)