Amazing people amaze me

Throughout this process, and it’s been a process, I have constantly been amazed by people. I have made new friends, learned a lot from my family and have made an amazing connection to my wife. I’ve put a lot of emotions on this site over the last few months and I want to put one more — gratitude.

This is a post of thanks. Thank you for your support, advice and compassion as Kelci and I have gone through this. We’re getting close to Kylah’s arrival and before I shift gears and turn my attention to a new love of my life, I wanted to make sure some people got a brief thank you.

My family

Baby bumps unite!

My cousin and aunt have answered out questions and even took time to organize a wonderful shower that brought our family together to celebrate our pending arrival. Oh, did I mention my cousin could go into labor any time? She’s even more pregnant than Kelci, if that’s possible. Well, scratch that. My cousins welcomed a little boy named Tysen into the world today, Aug. 3. Well done guys! Can’t wait to meet him.

Grandma represented with Kylah's first Seahawks teeshirt.

Kelci’s mom has been an absolute godsend. Her words of encouragement have been priceless and her motherly touch has been exactly what Kelci has needed at times.

Our friends

I don’t know the etiquette of pregnancy, who is supposed to do what, etc… But one thing I knew is that I need a good base of friends to get through this. Luckily I have found this. People like:

That blindfold smelled abnormally good.

Kristy and Karianne. Let’s face it. The concept of the baby shower can be boring, stale and outdated. If you want to have a rad baby shower, let these two rad ladies plan it. They have both been a sounding board for me, offering guidance and helping me make this pregnancy easier on Kelci. Follow Kristy and Karianne on Twitter and tell them thank you for us.

Other friends you should know about: Veronica, Liana, Kevin and Greg.

Good friends

He's the one on the left, I promise.

My best friend Nathan is just that. I’m thankful that I have such a good guy to call a friend. I hope you’re ready to maybe have your birthday annexed. It’s for a good cause though.

Update: The thing about these kinds of posts is you always forget people. People like Darren, who was the first to comment below. He has been an amazing source of information, tips and advice. He has been a voice of reason and calm reassurance. He’s been a role model for caring and compassion as well. Also, Jennifer Leggio gets a special thank you. She sent Kelci and Kylah an amazing bag that will keep them both glamorous. Thank you both for what you’ve done for us.

There’s been a lot more, but it’s late and I have to go take care of Kelci. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Kelci and I have an amazing village around us and we’re very thankful to have everybody in our lives that we do. I have learned a lot about myself, about the people that I have around us and I have learned to be thankful for all of that.

It just got real

Tonight we had our last baby class. There was no gruesome video. There was no talk of C-Sections, breech presentations or low birth weights. Instead we took a tour of the birth center where in a few short weeks we’ll be welcoming Kylah into the world.

It just got real.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been learning about the birth process (I didn’t know the baby does almost a whole twist on the way out) and perfecting my swaddling technique. But the real work has been happening in my mind. I know I’ve talked about being nervous, anxious etc… and I am. But I’m also getting closer to being ready. I’m happy. Kelci is amazingly beautiful. And falling asleep while feeling her move brings me immeasurable joy.

We’re less than six weeks from our due date. This has been an amazing journey.

And it’s just beginning.

The good and the bad

Disclaimer: This is a personal post. Everything’s totally fine with Kelci :)

I live my life (for better or for worse) out in the public. I’m on Twitter. I have multiple blogs and I’m around an amazing amount of people. So, it was with much trepidation and caution that I brought up to Kelci about how much we should publicize.

I had been reading that it’s “traditional” to not announce a pregnancy until after the first trimester. There’s lower risk of miscarriage and the parents seem to have their act a bit more together. So we talked about what it means to have a blog. And a Twitter. And other stuff for the baby. We talked about what it means to have something this personal out in the open.

We talked about the what ifs…

A side note

You see, I’ve been through the what ifs. I’ve been through the hard parts. When I was young, my mom was to have her third child. A sibling. In those days, it wasn’t common to find out the gender. None of us were prepared for it. None of us were expecting it. I wasn’t expecting to come home from elementary school to find my grandma waiting for me and tell me.

“The baby’s gone.”

At the time, I knew it was sad. I knew it was difficult. I knew that it meant sorrow. But I am just now realizing that I didn’t know. Now that Kelci’s pregnant, I truly know.

The good and the bad

So, with the good comes the bad. We’re going to be sharing what we like. We’re going to be sharing more about puking, more about crying (yeah, I cried when I found out, so what?) and more good. But… I’m not going to say it.

Somebody asked me the other day about what to call their child’s twitter account. I’m hoping they read this before they do it…

But when you put your business online, you need to be ready to put the good and the bad out there. And that’s what Kelci and I discussed. And we’ve decided that we know what we’re getting into. So, with this comes the good and the bad. Thanks for coming along.

Welcome friends and family

Our friends and family are an important part of our lives. But sometimes we lose touch and drift apart. This year, we sent out an end of year letter a little late because we were waiting to confirm our big news and it included a link to this site.

So, welcome friends and family to our adventure. The past couple of weeks have been, without a doubt, insane. So much change in our life and it’s going to keep changing. Basically this blog is our way of sharing everything with you guys.

Please leave a comment and let us know how you are :)

If you want to read our letter, which is written in the voice of our Pug puppy, just follow the link to read more. (more…)