Pathway to new adventures

For the second night in a row, I have just put my two-year-old daughter (OK, she’ll be three in two weeks, but still) to bed without a pullup on. This means two things: I’m crazy and my little girl is growing up.

It’s amazing to think that not only are we nearly three years into the first part of this journey. But we’re also half way to the beginning of the next chapter of our new journey. Baby Berto 2.0 is growing along quite nicely. Kelci still fights through morning sickness, but it’s been a bit smoother than it was with Kylah.

Which is code for we haven’t yet had to take her to the ER.

Since we’re at half way in the journey, it also means it’s time to find out whether I get to build a little boy room or a little girl room!!! Kelci and I have been looking forward to this for, well, for 20 weeks now! Somebody asked me today what I was hoping for. Funny question, but the truth is, wanting a boy is what got us into this mess.

When Kelci and I were vacationing in Mazatlan last year, I saw a guy who was about 50 getting ready to head out fishing with his son. In that moment, I knew I wanted a boy to share that with. Don’t get me wrong, Kylah is always going to be my “little duder” and I will always share my passions for football, hunting, fishing and camping with her. In fact, she asked me tonight if girls with long hair can play football. Of course I said yes.

But the bond of father and son is one that is just… different. I remember all of those guy moments with my dad and want a little man to share them with. Tomorrow we get a look at the little guy or little girl we’ll be welcoming into our world next.

In the meantime, here’s some pictures of my little girl that I love and cherish and can’t wait to help her reel in her first fish.

It’s a…

I’ll tell you, ultrasounds are really, really cool. Seeing the little kid squirming around and seeing arms, legs, ears and…

It's a girl

And little girl parts!!! That’s right, Kelci and I are having a:


The ultrasound tech was very sure of this as well, so we’re going to run with it.

We’re excited to begin the next phase of getting ready for┬áBaby Girl Berto. Things such as buying pink Seahawks clothes or princess-themed bedding. Now, what to name her…