The start of a new adventure

I’m putting this out into the public ether because I need your help.

The time is now. It is time for a change. It is time to get back to being more myself. I turn 30 this year, and it is time to reclaim my life. It’s time to change my life.

The journey

All my life I have been the “big kid.” It is my identity, both online and off. I’ve never been able to wear the cool style of clothes (I missed the whole “ironic T-shirt” trend. Not sure if that’s good or bad.), I always finished last in PE runs, I had to wear different shoes than my groomsmen at my wedding and I even almost got thrown off a recent flight. But I’ve embraced my size and have learned how to buy size 18 shoes and where to buy camo clothes for hunting.

But it’s always been an adjustment. There’s so much I can’t do in my life because of my size.

A new path

This was me back in 2000. It was my first year of college and right before I moved to Seattle.

Eric on a Hawaiian beach near Waikiki

Yeah, that's me on the beach in Hawaii. I was a freshman in college and got to go to class and workout/go to the beach. Glory days indeed.

I was 295 lbs then and was in the best shape of my life. That was 150 lbs ago. The path to get back to that place isn’t really clear. I do a lot that is unhealthy and the first step is cutting that out. That means no more daily trips to the drive through. No more sneaking cookies when I go grocery shopping. No more sugary coffee creamer. No more seconds.

It means more exercise and a 30-day sobriety kick.

From there it will be a lot of hiking, working in the yard and generally not being a lazy slob. It’s a new path for me. There’s tons of reasons why this is a good idea, starting with the reason behind this domain name.

The goal

The goal of all this? Well, in six months I turn 30. Six months to bust my ass and get in shape. So if I put a goal of 30 pounds out there, that seems reasonable. Five measly pounds per month. Maybe it’s not enough. I don’t know. I just know I want to hike a deer out of the woods next fall. Or, you know, climb my stairs without getting winded.

Offers to be my personal chef will be taken in the order they are submitted. And thank you for your support, expressed or implied.

Notes from the Baby Class Trenches Part 2

We watched that video.

You know the one I mean, the one meant to scare the living shtuff out of you. The one with the yelling, screaming, crying, blood and joy.

We watched the birth video.

Was I ready for it? Maybe. Although it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals, so I wasn’t expecting to look up and see a baby emerging from the “birth canal.” But there it was. A crying little girl covered in all the stuff that comes with the birth process. And for the first time, it didn’t gross me out. The concept of going from womb to Kelci’s arms wasn’t unnerving. It was exciting.

When I found out we were having a baby, the hospital part of it was amongst the most unsettling. I’m not like Kelci. I’m not the special kind of person that can look at an open wound calmly and then be OK with what I am seeing. But, after last night, I’m ready for that. Cutting the cord is not gross, wiping away the new baby slime won’t bother me and being next to my wife during all of this makes me happy.

Sometimes this is scary

Last night we took Kelci to the ER. She hadn’t kept any fluids or food down for about 36 hours. So, after a stern lecture from our midwife we took her to the ER for IV fluids and some better anti-nausea drugs.

Sometimes this is scary.

Everything is better now. They gave her two litres of saline solution and some other medicines to help her feel better. But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous last night. Seeing her struggle with even keeping some TopRamen down and reassuring her that everything would be all right… it was quite the adventure.

It definitely helped me put all of this in perspective. Some books say that the pregnancy doesn’t become real for a guy until he sees the ultrasound or hears the heartbeat. I had already done that and this pregnancy was definitely real to me. But last night, that reality shifted.

I went from shocked and amazed perspective daddy to protective and nervous father. I went into father mode. And that’s what this is all about.

It’s scary, but it’s worth it.

Cravings and Aversions

I’ve only had two weird cravings so far: Cantaloupe and mustard (but not to be eaten together). Baby Berto knows what he/she wants. I was reading in my pregnancy books that cantaloupe is high in most of the vitamins that babies need during pregnancy. It’s awesome that Baby is telling me what it wants. Mustard, however, has no explanation. I don’t think it really needs one:)

I haven’t had any aversions to food yet, except the usual: fungus and mold (ie Bleu Cheese and Mushrooms). I just hope I don’t start to hate ice cream or peanut butter, that would be terrible!