The seven year itch


Today marks seven years since I had the good fortune to say “I do.” This has been a year of tremendous ups and downs and at the end of it, I am a stronger and better person because of you and because of your partnership. We are working on raising the most amazing child the world has ever seen and I don’t want anyone else as my partner in that.

Sunshine in Cabo sure was nice.

I love you.

So, in social media guru fashion, here’s seven reasons why I’m so lucky:

  1. You’ve gotten past (to my face) the myriad of odd behaviors I exhibit in public. Yes, yelling obscenities at items on the grocery store shelf is totally acceptable.
  2. You know the difference between good beer and bad beer.
  3. You give me the strength and encouragement (and ass kickings) to make myself a better person and a better father. You teach me lessons I didn’t know I needed and help teach me things like how to put berets in. Seriously, hair care should be a prenatal class for dads about to have a daughter.
  4. You know the difference between a 9mm and a .380 caliber.
  5. Your inability to cook. It’s adorable beyond words and it helps me feel like I’m contributing to our home when I get to put a good mean on the table.
  6. The way you tell me nothing I’ve ever put on matches or coordinates well. Ever.
  7. Kylah.

I really couldn’t be the person I am without you in my life and I appreciate you more and love you more than ever. Thank you for scratching the seven-year itch and being the best wife ever (no bias, it’s scientific proof and an objective perspective. Seriously, don’t go to Wikipedia, it’ll just say Kelci).