Amazing people amaze me

Throughout this process, and it’s been a process, I have constantly been amazed by people. I have made new friends, learned a lot from my family and have made an amazing connection to my wife. I’ve put a lot of emotions on this site over the last few months and I want to put one more — gratitude.

This is a post of thanks. Thank you for your support, advice and compassion as Kelci and I have gone through this. We’re getting close to Kylah’s arrival and before I shift gears and turn my attention to a new love of my life, I wanted to make sure some people got a brief thank you.

My family

Baby bumps unite!

My cousin and aunt have answered out questions and even took time to organize a wonderful shower that brought our family together to celebrate our pending arrival. Oh, did I mention my cousin could go into labor any time? She’s even more pregnant than Kelci, if that’s possible. Well, scratch that. My cousins welcomed a little boy named Tysen into the world today, Aug. 3. Well done guys! Can’t wait to meet him.

Grandma represented with Kylah's first Seahawks teeshirt.

Kelci’s mom has been an absolute godsend. Her words of encouragement have been priceless and her motherly touch has been exactly what Kelci has needed at times.

Our friends

I don’t know the etiquette of pregnancy, who is supposed to do what, etc… But one thing I knew is that I need a good base of friends to get through this. Luckily I have found this. People like:

That blindfold smelled abnormally good.

Kristy and Karianne. Let’s face it. The concept of the baby shower can be boring, stale and outdated. If you want to have a rad baby shower, let these two rad ladies plan it. They have both been a sounding board for me, offering guidance and helping me make this pregnancy easier on Kelci. Follow Kristy and Karianne on Twitter and tell them thank you for us.

Other friends you should know about: Veronica, Liana, Kevin and Greg.

Good friends

He's the one on the left, I promise.

My best friend Nathan is just that. I’m thankful that I have such a good guy to call a friend. I hope you’re ready to maybe have your birthday annexed. It’s for a good cause though.

Update: The thing about these kinds of posts is you always forget people. People like Darren, who was the first to comment below. He has been an amazing source of information, tips and advice. He has been a voice of reason and calm reassurance. He’s been a role model for caring and compassion as well. Also, Jennifer Leggio gets a special thank you. She sent Kelci and Kylah an amazing bag that will keep them both glamorous. Thank you both for what you’ve done for us.

There’s been a lot more, but it’s late and I have to go take care of Kelci. They say it takes a village to raise a child. Kelci and I have an amazing village around us and we’re very thankful to have everybody in our lives that we do. I have learned a lot about myself, about the people that I have around us and I have learned to be thankful for all of that.

Notes from the Baby Class Trenches Part 2

We watched that video.

You know the one I mean, the one meant to scare the living shtuff out of you. The one with the yelling, screaming, crying, blood and joy.

We watched the birth video.

Was I ready for it? Maybe. Although it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals, so I wasn’t expecting to look up and see a baby emerging from the “birth canal.” But there it was. A crying little girl covered in all the stuff that comes with the birth process. And for the first time, it didn’t gross me out. The concept of going from womb to Kelci’s arms wasn’t unnerving. It was exciting.

When I found out we were having a baby, the hospital part of it was amongst the most unsettling. I’m not like Kelci. I’m not the special kind of person that can look at an open wound calmly and then be OK with what I am seeing. But, after last night, I’m ready for that. Cutting the cord is not gross, wiping away the new baby slime won’t bother me and being next to my wife during all of this makes me happy.

How’s the baby?

In a word: Growing.

People have been asking how the baby is and I realized it’s been a few weeks. So, here’s the update:

We just crossed 25 weeks. According to the Internet (because I really have no clue, lol), she’s about 13.5 inches long. And judging by the amount of food Kelci is able to eat at a time, that seems right.

We’ve signed up for classes and soon I’ll be watching birth videos and learning about breast feeding. It’s amazing the amount of stuff we don’t know! But that’s part of the fun of all this.

Kelci has been experiencing all the joys of pregnancy full force. Luckily, the morning sickness has tapered off big time. Only once in the last two weeks, which is huge. She gets short of breath just walking around and has to get up about three times per night. All of which I find irresistibly cute.

So, there’s the update. All is good and I can’t wait for her to get here.

Girls are scary

We’re having a girl. In about five months, Kelci and I will have a little baby girl. And that scares the living hell out of me.

I’m afraid of boys. I’m afraid of periods and training bras and malls and most things girly. But that’s normal I suppose. I’m afraid about how she’ll grow up. You see, I’m not what you call normal. I’m 6’8 and decidedly not thin.

I’m afraid that I’m bringing a daughter into a world of skinny models, skinny jeans and skinny lattés.

I guess I’m just a big softy and over protective, but that’s just who I am. So I’m scared. I’ve already started to hear the comments about maybe she’ll be in the WNBA or maybe she’ll play for the Seahawks and while it doesn’t “bother” me, it makes me thing about how I’m going to talk to her once she’s asking me why the kids at school are calling her names.

This is a lesson I need to learn I guess. What should I say to a daughter that asks those questions?