Aren’t I cute

I fancy myself a decent photographer. But when it comes to Kylah, I figured it would be best to turn her official baby pictures over to a professional.

We called in a college friend of mine to come to our home and take some official photos. Heather of Heather Trimm Photography was great with us and especially with Kylah. (For the FTC: We’re paying her. You should too.)

We’ll have official photos up soon, but I wanted to share this slide show so you can see just how awesome Heather and Kylah are.

As you can see, Kylah is getting bigger and stronger every day. She continues to explore the world around her and is awake more and more. Kelci and I are getting spoiled by being able to sleep and enjoy her as she’s calm and happy. Kelci’s working on her birth story and hopefully we’ll get to show more of her soon.

Oh, and if you like what Heather did, you should hire her.

So, that just happened

We made a baby. A beautiful, happy, noisy, amazing baby. She’s absolutely gorgeous. I can’t stop staring at her. OR my amazing, beautiful, gorgeous wife. Both of them are so strong and such an inspiration.

I just wanted to quickly say thank you to so many people who have sent tweets, facebook messages, texts and phone calls with such amazing positivity and kindness. I was sharing them with Kelci as best as I could.

They meant the world to us. So, I bet you want to see photos, don’t you? Good thing I took some. The full set is Kathy click here.

Baby Kylah

Resting up before the baby arrives.

Baby Kylah

Yes, I took a picture while she was pushing. She did amazing.

Baby Kylah

A little attention from the NICU nurses. Nurses rock.

Baby Kylah

Just seconds after mommy got to hold her for the first time. Kylah needed a little extra cleaning up before Kelci could hold her.

Baby Kylah

Baby Kylah

Mommy and Kylah share a special time.

Baby Kylah

Relaxing. I had a long journey, but the world is now mine. I can't wait to see it all.

I’ll get into the birth process later. I’m hoping Kelci will share her experiences soon as well. For now, I’ll just say they both did amazing. Her water broke at about 6:30 am and by shortly after 8 pm we had Kylah in our arms.