It’s a…

I’ll tell you, ultrasounds are really, really cool. Seeing the little kid squirming around and seeing arms, legs, ears and…

It's a girl

And little girl parts!!! That’s right, Kelci and I are having a:


The ultrasound tech was very sure of this as well, so we’re going to run with it.

We’re excited to begin the next phase of getting ready for┬áBaby Girl Berto. Things such as buying pink Seahawks clothes or princess-themed bedding. Now, what to name her…

Playing the guessing game

Let’s have some fun. We’re scheduled for our next ultrasound on March 18. We should be able to find out if we’re having a Baby Boy Berto or Baby Girl Berto. I’ll tell you, I am pulling for a boy. For a number of reasons really, which I’ll probably get into if it ends up being a girl.

But for now, let’s have fun. Post in the comments what you think we’re having. I’ll pick somebody from the winning “team” and give them a prize.

Time to play the guessing game :)